EKO SKRIVANOU STYLIANI | Fiskardo Gas Station Kefalonia

Our gas station "EKO SKRIVANOU STYLIANI" which is located in Kefalonia, 7km outside Fiskardo, houses a washing machine - lubricant where our experienced and specialized staff can wash the car or motorcycle and take care of them.

The washing is done by hand with modern machines and with specialized cleaners that clean thoroughly, while at the same time they treat and polish the color of your car or motorcycle.





Our specialized staff can take care of your vehicle responsibly and reliably, while a wide variety of products for your car and engine is waiting for you at our gas station in Kefalonia.

Our goal is for every vehicle that comes out of our car wash to be really clean and tidy and not just to look clean. It is for us pleasure but also satisfaction the perfect result that we deliver to you.

All these years, in our gas station we have built relationships of trust with all our customers and we are sure that you will be our next happy customer.




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We serve directly the whole of Northern Kefalonia.